NEW eBook Template - Violet


Always wanted to create and sell your own eBook, but don't want to have to splash out hundreds of dollars to get a professional designer to make it look pro?

Then don't! SBB have teamed up with a fantastic graphic designer to create this beautiful eBook template that anyone (no matter how un-techie you are), can simply download and customise to create their own totally pro-looking eBook ready for sale.

You don't even need fancy software, as all our templates are created in Powerpoint, so all you need is Microsoft office or Google Drive to be able to edit them.

This Template Contains:

5 x Customisable, professionally designed page templates (just duplicate, rearrange, edit & save)

Free Commercial Use fonts (or you can go nuts and add your own)

Step-by-step instructions on how to customise, save and sell your eBook.

Note - All images used in our templates are place-holder/example images only, and must be replaced before publication or sale.

Get yours now and start building your eProduct empire!

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